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Title: Dapoli  
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Subject: Dr. Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth, Dhondo Keshav Karve, College of Forestry, Dapoli, Ratnagiri district, Pimpri-Chinchwad Bus Stand
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Dapoli is located in Maharashtra
Location in Maharashtra, India
Country  India
State Maharashtra
District Ratnagiri
 • Official Marathi
 • Other Konkani
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 415712
Telephone code 02358
Nearest town Khed

Dapoli is a town located in Ratnagiri district in the state of Maharashtra in India. It is 215 km away from the state capital of Mumbai.


Dapoli is separated from the Sahyadri range by the Khed taluka. Dapoli has a seaboard of 50 km which stretches from Burondi, Kelshi to Dabhol. The coastline differs little in its general characteristics from that of other parts of Konkan. It is densely covered by coconut farms. The principal rivers are Bharja in the north and Vashishthi in the south. There is also a small river called Jog which flows through Bandhtivare, Sarang, Tadil, and into the Arabian sea.

Despite being only 8 km away from the coast of Arabian sea, the town is located at an altitude of around 800 feet (240 m). It is called a "Mini Mahabaleshwar" because of its cool climate throughout the year. It is close to the Arabian Sea (approx 8 km away) and acts as the main town (Taluka headquarters) for several small surrounding villages such as Anjarle, Mandivali, Sarang, Bandhtivare, Bhopan, Harnai, Dabhol, Navse (Bharti Ship Yard), Unhavare, Jalgaon, Gavhe, Gimhavane, Asud, Vanand, Kherdi, Karde, Visapur, Murud and Umberghar.

River Jog meeting the Arabian sea


The town has a very old school named A G High School after a Britisher, Alfred Gadney. During the time of the English empire, Dapoli was a military camp for British soldiers. Jeevan Kshishan Shala (Gadital), Kanya Shala, Purva Prathmik Shala, Saraswati Vidyamandir English Medium School, Urdu Highschool and also having English Medium school backside of Radhakrushna Mandir. Dapoli is also the home of agricultural university Dr. Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth.

Dapoli has a Centre for Krishna Consciousness movement, youth programs for Agriculture, under-graduate homeopathic college (Dapoli Homeopathic Medical College).

In city Dapoli having Boarding hostel school like Bahujan Hitay Vidyaarthy Vastigruh at Kalkai Kond, Girls hostel at near Urban Bank & other one is situated near Jalgaon village.

Notable residents

Dapoli is considered the birthplace of Bharat Ratna Maharshi Annasaheb Karve (Murud), Sane Guruji, and Lokmanya Tilak (Chikhalgaon), his wife (Ladghar) and Bharat Ratna P.V. Kane. Bharat Ratna Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar studied for a few years in Alfred Gadney High School (A. G. High School) in Jalgaon.

Places of interest

Suvarnadurg and Kanakdurg Forts - Harne

Located 17 km from Dapoli at Harnai, the Suvarnadurg fort consists of two forts. Kanakdurga is the land fort and Suvarnadurga is the sea fort. The forts were originally built by the Adil Shahi dynasty and later captured and fortified by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in 1660. Once there was a tunnel connecting both the forts but now the only way to get to Suvarnadurga is by boat. However, currently there is no regular boat service to the fort and one has to arrange for a ferry from the local fishermen. There is a lighthouse inside the Kanakdurga fort.

Panhalakaji Caves

Located on the Dapoli-Dabhil Pangari road is a place called Panhalekaji and can also be accessed from Khed via Vakavali & Tetavali. The “Leni” or caves at Panhalekaji are a must-see. You can drive up to the caves. The place is situated deep in the valley near the confluence of the ‘Kotjai’ and ‘Dhakti’ rivers. You can watch many birds and reptiles in the surrounding jungle and river. There are 29 caves and many sculptures around the area. The whole area is very beautiful. according to villager there are 15 to 16 crocodiles in river.

Unhavare - Hot Water Springs

There are natural hot water springs at Unhavare Village, which is 35 km from Dapoli (Near Panhalekaji caves). Unhavare, 21 km from Vakavali & 17 km from Tetavali's is Dr. Deodhar farms (called keshav Baug) Dr Deodhar is an Expert In Algae from Bombay University, Has a guest house for tourists. The Hot springs are its only attraction. Lots of people from surrounding areas come here regularly to bath in the Hot Sulphur water springs. Separate shelters are made for men and women to take a dip in the rejuvenating hot water. The water is said to cure skin ailments. There are no charges for taking a bath here. There is a small masjid as well as school opposite to hot water. There is also "Mahamai Gram Devata Mandir" as well as "Vidya Mandir High School, starwin farare cricket ground known as "HUMBER" & a very beautiful farare masjid..

Kadyavarcha Ganpati

This Ganesh temple is at Anjarle village which comes under Dapoli taluka. Anjarle is famous for the "Kadyawarcha Ganpati" (Ganesh temple situated on a cliff). This ancient and magnificent Ganesh temple was originally constructed using wooden pillars in around 1150AD. It was renovated during the period between 1768 and 1780. At one time, people used to cross Anjarle creek (Jog River) in a boat and then climb the hill using steps that go through the Anjarle village. Recently a bridge has been constructed and you can take your car right up to the entrance of the temple.

The Ganesh idol is right-sided. This means that its trunk curves towards the right, ("Ujwya Sondecha Ganpati") which is very rare. Kadyawarcha Ganpati is the live deity (a jagrut daiwat) who responds to distress calls of common people (nawsala pavnara Ganpati). The temple has a stone staircase on the right hand side to reach to the top of the temple (Kalas). You can get a magnificent view of the thick plantation of coconut trees, betel nut trees, Suvarnadurg Fort, blue sea and surrounding hills from the top. There is a pond in front of the temple where you can feed big fish and turtles. Beside the Ganesh temple there is a small but beautiful temple of Lord Shiva.


This location is between Dapoli and Asud Pul. It is said that this temple is "pandavkaleen" meaning that it has its origin more than 1000 years ago. The access is via Dabkewadi and after crossing the small river, the steep climb is refreshing. At this elevation, the fresh water is a marvel and is said to be originating from a tree trunk. this fresh water flows for 24/7 and throughout the year. The Shri Keshavraj "murti" is worth the darshan.

Harnai Fish Market

Harnai fish market is assumed to be one of the largest supplier of fish to Maharashtra. Many kinds of seafood including lobsters are to be seen in the market. There is an auction carried on a daily basis on the beach. In Harnai, every on season there are dolphin show exhibition being carried out. Like Dolphins comes from Arabian sea.

Murud Beach

Murud is a small town on the sea coast, about 12 kilometers from Dapoli. It boasts of one of the most beautiful and longest beach in Konkan region. One can go dolphin-watching on the local ferry. At the centre of the town is the Durga Devi Temple. This temple was built in the 18th century and has 28 exquisitely carved wooden pillars supporting the main porch. On the left of the entrance is a huge bell. This is supposed to have been captured by Chimji appa Peshwa from the Portuguese in Vasai.

Dhondo Keshav Karve was born in Murud and the town's main square has his bust.


Mandivali is a small town 40 km away from Dapoli, which is between Kelshi to Mandangarh City. Mandangarh City is 35 km far from Mandivali.

Specificity : Mango, Eggplant (Baingan), Alphonso (hapus) and Lima Bean (Pavta) vegetable


Dabhol is a port which is 28 km south of Dapoli. The famous Dabhol Power Plant erected by Enronis situated near Dabhol. The Plant has now been taken over by Ratnagiri Gas and Power Private Limited (RGPPL). RGPPL was incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 on 8 July 2005 and is promoted by NTPC Limited and GAIL (India) Limited. The company was set up to take over and revive the assets of Dabhol Power Company project. RGPPL owns an Integrated Power Generation and Re-gasified LNG facility. The power station is India's largest operating gas based combined cycle power station.

Bharati Shipyard Ltd operates from the port.

There is an ancient temple Chandika Devi temple. The idol of Goddess Chandika here, believed to be have formed naturally on its own (Swayambhu) and the temple is underground in a natural cave. To reach the deity, you have to pass through a low darkened passage. No light is allowed inside except that of oil lamp. There is a live spring of fresh water nearby which has water throughout the year. Every Navaratri pilgrims throng to this place. This temple is very ancient and was frequently visited by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

Near to Dabhol there is a small village named Navse where the Bharti Ship Yard has developed and there is a Darga on the hills of Navse which is called Balla Pir which attracts many tourists.


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