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Hyderabad City Police

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Title: Hyderabad City Police  
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Hyderabad City Police

Hyderabad City Police
Logo of the Hyderabad City Police.
Motto Freedom from Fear Forever[1]
Agency overview
Formed 1847
Legal personality Governmental: Government agency
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdiction* City of Hyderabad in the state of Telangana, India
Hyderabad City Police is located in Telangana
Hyderabad City Police
Hyderabad City Police (Telangana)
Legal jurisdiction Hyderabad District
General nature
  • Civilian agency
Operational structure
Headquarters Hyderabad, Telangana
Agency executive Mahender Reddy, Commissioner
Official website
* Divisional agency: Division of the country, over which the agency has usual operational jurisdiction.

The Hyderabad City Police (Telugu: హైదరాబాద్ నగర పోలీస్),is the local law enforcement agency for the city of Hyderabad, Telangana and is headed by the city police commissioner or the Kotwal. According to Bharat Verma, publisher, Rakshak - The Protector, the present DGP of Telangana Police - Mr Anurag Sharma, I.P.S., has brought in a positive perception of the police in people’s minds with his charming way of functioning. The city police traces its origins to 1847 under Hyderabad State.[2]



The Nizam of Hyderabad used to appoint the Commissioners of Police who were officers of the Hyderabad Civil Service and they used to function during his pleasure. They were answerable to the Nizam directly on various matters of policing in Hyderabad city. However as far as administrative matters were concerned the Commissioner of Police used to correspond with the Home Department directly. The commissioner of Police was popularly called as “KOTWAL” and was responsible for maintenance of law and order, prevention and detection of crime etc.[2]


Due to rapid increase in population, there has been a steady increase in crime. In view of the above in 1981 the City Police was re-organised, vide G.O.Ms.No.341, Home (Pol.D) Department, dated: 1981-05-30. The following structure was instituted:

  • The disciplinary and administrative control of the force is held by the Commissioner of Police, having powers and functions of Additional District Magistrate.
  • The city was divided into 4 zones : Hyderabad South, Hyderabad East, Hyderabad west & Hyderabad North, the 4 zones were again divided into 12 divisions. Each Zone is under the in charge of a Deputy Commissioner of Police (D.C.P.) of the rank of Superintendent Of Police for maintenance of Law and Order, Criminal Investigation and keeping up the morale of the force.
  • Each Division is under the care of an Assistant Commissioner of Police(ACP) of the rank of Deputy Superintendent Of Police, who works under the control of DCP. He is responsible for prevention and detection of crimes, maintenance of L&O and discipline of the force.
  • Each Police station is under the care of Inspector of Police who is the Station House Officer(S.H.O) and performs all the duties and exercises all the powers of the S.H.O.
  • The city crimes station was renamed as “Detective Department” which works under the D.C.P.,assisted by ACPs and Inspectors.
  • In 1992, the Government of Andhra Pradesh sanctioned 3 Joint Commissioner of Police posts in the rank of Deputy Inspector General (D.I.G.) to assist the Commissioner of Police for effective functioning and better administration of City Police each in-charge of Co-ordination, Crimes and Security.
  • One Sub-Inspector of Police was to be placed in charge of Law and Order duties and another for Crime duties for each Police Station. A Divisional Detective inspector for each Division was provided for. In order to achieve this functional division it was proposed in the scheme to increases the number of posts of Sub-Inspectors and Head Constables and decrease the number of posts of Police Constables.

Current Structure

Currently the Hyderabad City Police has 5 Zones.

  • Central Zone, V. B. Kamalasan Reddy
  • North Zone, Ch. Srikanthsss
  • South Zone,Sri V. Satyanarayana, IPS
  • East Zone, R.Rajya Lakshmi, IPS
  • West Zone,TARUN JOSHI, IPS

9 IPS officers transferred[3]

Cyberabad Metropolitan Police

Cyberabad Police Logo

There is a special branch in Cyberabad Known as Cyberabad Metropolitan Police which control and maintain cases and provide security for IT companies and traditional and historical bazaars are located in and around the city. [4]

Special agencies

  • Intelligence Unit
  • Commando Force
  • Security Battalion

List of Police Commissioners[2]

S. NO Name Date of Assumption of charge
1. Sri. Md. Vazir Jamadar 8 Dec 1847
2. Sri. Fazzuddin Khan 5 Oct 1851
3. Sri. Mohammed Syeed Hussaini 5 Jan 1853
4. Sri. Nawab Ghalib –Ud-Dawlah 10 Nov 1853
5. Sri. Grand Son of Zafar-Ud-Dawlah 9 May 1855
6. Sri. Nawab Zourawar Jung 6 June 1873
7. Sri. Inayat Hussain Khan 23 Apr 1874
8. Sri. Nawab Akber –Ul-Mulk 5 May 1884
9. Sri. Vazir Ali Nawab (Sulthan Yawar Jung) 8 Apr 1905
10. Sri. Mohammed Abdul Kareem Lal Khan 25 Apr 1912
11. Sri. Mir Mubarak Ali Khan 17 Sept 1912
12. Sri. Nawab Emad Jung – II 8 Nov 1912
13. Sri. Raja Bahadur Venkat Rama Reddy 23 Mar 1920
14. Sri. Nawab Rahmat Yar Jung Bahadur 1 July 1934
15. Sri. Nawab Deen Yar Jung Bahadur 6 June 1945
16. Sri. Rusthum Ji Shapur Ji. 1 Aug 1947
17. Sri. S.N. Reddy M.A, 21 Mar 1949
18. Sri. Shiv Kumar Lal I.P.S., 1 Sept 1951
19. Sri. A. Sundaram Pillai I.P.S., 1 July 1953
20. Sri. B.L.Khadar I.P.S., 15 May 1954
21. Sri. C.Ranga Swamy Iyengar I.P.S., 26 Sept 1954 Again 14 July 1962
22 Sri. S. Vijaya Rangam I.P.S., 19 May 1957
23 Sri. B.N. Kalyan Rao I.P.S., 14 May 1959 Again 22 May 1967
24 Sri. S.P. Satur I.P.S., 03- Apr 1961 Again 19 Feb 1963.
25 Sri. Prahlad Singh I.P.S., 1 Sept 1964
26 Sri. Abdus Salam Khan I.P.S., 1 Feb 1970
27 Sri. P.V.G.Krishnama Charyulu I.P.S., 14 July 1973 Again 11 June 1976
28 Sri. K.N.Sreenivasan I.P.S., 15 Dec 1975 Again 9 July 1976
29 Sri. M.A. Shafiullah Khan I.P.S., 23 Aug 1976
30 Sri. Muni Swamy I.P.S., 28 Dec 1977
31 Sri. P.V. Pavithran I.P.S., 22 Apr 1978
32 Sri. C.G. Saldanha I.P.S., 2 May 1981
33 Sri. P.Ponnaiya I.P.S., 27 Aug 1981
34 Sri. S. Chandra Shekaran I.P.S., 10 Nov 1982
35 Sri. Vijaya Rama Rao I.P.S., 14 Apr 1983 Again 7 Apr 1989
36 Sri. R.Prabhakar Rao I.P.S., 28 Aug 1984
37 Sri. T.Surya Narayan Rao I.P.S., 05 Mar 1986
38 Sri. V.Apparao I.P.S., 15 Feb 1989 Again 25 Dec 1994
39 Sri. I. Pullanna I.P.S., 5 May 1990
40 Sri. S.V.Narasimhulu I.P.S., (Incharge C.P.(Addl.C.P.) 6 July 1990
41 Sri. G.Gurunath Rao I.P.S., 16 Aug 1990
42 Sri. M.V.Bhaskara Rao I.P.S., 29 Nov 1990
43 Sri. H.J.Dora I.P.S., 16 Apr 1993
44 Sri. C.Rama Swamy I.P.S., 30 Jun 1996
45 Sri. R.P. Singh 30 June 1997 Again 13 Oct 2003
46 Sri. S.R.Sukumara 12 Sept 1998
47 Sri. P.Ramulu I.P.S., 15 Dec 2000
48 Sri. M.V.Krishna Rao 25 Feb 2002
49 Sri. V.Dinesh Reddy 1 Dec 2004
50 Sri. A.K. Mohanty 30 Sept 2005
51 Sri. Balwinder Singh 12 Jan 2007
52 Sri. B.Prasada Rao 21 Jan 2008
52 Sri. A K Khan 19 Jan 2010
53 Sri. Anurag Sharma 20 May 2012
Sri. Sadiq (Only for One day) 15 October 2014
54 Sri. M Mahender Reddy 02 June 2014

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