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Nagari (Gurjar clan)

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Title: Nagari (Gurjar clan)  
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Subject: List of Gurjars
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Nagari (Gurjar clan)

Nagari, Nāgar or Nāgra is one of the various clans of the Gurjars.The other variations of Nagari are Nagara, Nagra, Nagada, Nagdi etc. They have special strength in Bulandshahr, Noida, Faridabad, Meerut, Ghaziabad and Uttar Pradesh.[1]


Udaipur was ruled by Nagari Gurjars till the time of the invasion of Babur. Udai Singh Nagari was the last Gurjar ruler.[2][3][4] It is said that Nāgar Gurjars established their kingdom in 1st century along with Kushan Gurjars.The king was Maharaja Subhau Nagar.

Raja Nain Singh, who restored the fort of Parikshitgarh in eighteenth century, belonged to this clan of the Gurjars.They participated in the Mutiny of 1857 and the fort was dismantled, to be used as a police station. [5] Naagar Gurjars are very progressive there are 27 villages of Naagar Gurjars in Sadar Tehsil of Gautambudh Nagar District and another 27 villages in Dadari Tehsil of same Distrct the present MP of Gautambudh Nagar District is Surender Singh Naagar. 30 villages in Faridabad , 48 villages Meerut and Gaziabad .some of the famous vilages are 1 Pipaka suratpur, 2 Nawada, 3 Dadupur village of DGP of uttarpardesh Deoraj Nagar, 4 Barsat, 5 Imliya, 6 Bagpur, 7 Daudpur,Dankur, 8 Amarpur,' 9 Luksar, 10 Knarsi, 11 Chhula'''', 12 Dankaur, 13 Junaidpur, 14 Samspur,' 15 Saini,' 16 Jalalpur, 17 Bambavad, 18 Badalpur, 19 Dujana, 20 Kuri Kheda, 21 Aakilpur, 22 Kalda, 23 Inayatpur, 24 Ikla, 25 Kacchera, 26 Sunpura, 27 Milak Lacchi, 28 Sadullapur, 28 Vaidpura, 39 Accheja, 31 Dera Maccha


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