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Sagarika (missile)

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Title: Sagarika (missile)  
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Subject: K-4 (SLBM), INS Arihant, India and weapons of mass destruction, Indian Armed Forces, Arihant-class submarine
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Sagarika (missile)

Type Short-range SLBM
Place of origin India
Service history
In service 2010
Production history
Manufacturer Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)
Weight 6–7 t (6.6–7.7 short tons)[1][2]
Length 10 m (33 ft)
Diameter 0.74 m (2.4 ft)
Warhead 1,000 kg (2,200 lb)

Engine Two stage, solid-fueled rocket motors
  • 700 km (435 mi) with 1,000 kg payload
  • 1,900 km (1,200 mi) with 180 kg payload[3][4]
Arihant class submarines

K-15 Sagarika (Sanskrit: सागरिका, Sāgarikā Oceanic) is a nuclear-capable submarine-launched ballistic missile with a range of 700 kilometres (435 mi). It belongs to the K Missile family and forms a part of India's nuclear triad, and will provide retaliatory nuclear strike capability.[5]


Development of the K-15 missile started in the late 1990s with the goal of building a submarine-launched ballistic missile for use with the Hyderabad.[8]

The development of the underwater missile launcher, known as Project 420, was completed in 2001 and handed over to the Indian Navy for trials. The missile launcher is developed at Hazira in Gujarat.[9] The Sagarika missile began integration with India's nuclear-powered Arihant class submarine that began harbor trials on 26 July 2009.[10]

By 2008, the missile was successfully test fired seven times, and tested to its full range up to four times. The tests of 26 February 2008, were conducted from a submerged pontoon 50 metres (160 ft) beneath the surface off the coast of Visakhapatnam.[6][8][11][12] A land-based version of the K-15 Sagarika was successfully test-fired on 12 November 2008.[13] A full range test of the missile was done on 11 March 2012.[14] The twelfth and final development trial of the missiles was conducted on 27 January 2013. According to DRDO Director General V. K. Saraswat, the missile was again tested for its full range of 700 km and met all its objectives with a single digit impact-accuracy.[15] The test will be followed by integration of the missile with INS Arihant.[16][17][18]

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  • Video of the 12th test of Sagarika, on 27 January 2013

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