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Title: Tosham  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Kanwari, Tosham rock inscription, Saral, Bhiwani, Shimliwas, Asigarh Fort
Collection: Cities and Towns in Bhiwani District, Forts in Haryana
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Tosham, Bhiwani district, Haryana, India
तोशाम, भिवानी ज़िला, हरियाणा, भारत
Tosham, Bhiwani district, Haryana, India is located in Haryana
Tosham, Bhiwani district, Haryana, India
Location in Haryana, India
Country  India
State Haryana
District Bhiwani
Elevation 207 m (679 ft)
Population (2011)
 • Total 15,559
 • Official Hindi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 127040
Telephone code +91-1253-XXXXXX
Vehicle registration HR-46 to HR-48
Tosham & Haryana in India

Tosham (Hindi: तोशाम) is a town and a municipal committee in Bhiwani district in the Indian state of Haryana. It has been awarded with title of "Adarsh Village". There is one small mountain of Aravali Mountain Range. Temple of "Baba Mungipa" is situated on this mountain. This temple is very famous and popular in local area.


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    • Tosham rock inscription 6.1
    • Tosham Rock Paintings 6.2
    • Tosham Temple Complex 6.3
      • Panch Teerth Temple 6.3.1
      • Baba Mungipa Mandir 6.3.2
    • Sacred Ponds of Tosham Hill 6.4
      • Pandu Tirath, Tosham 6.4.1
      • Surya Kund, Tosham 6.4.2
      • Kukkar Kund, Tosham 6.4.3
      • Gyarasia Kund, Tosham 6.4.4
    • Tosham Hill Fort 6.5
    • Prithvi Raj Ki Katchery 6.6
    • Ch. Surender Singh Memorial Herbal Park, Tosham 6.7
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Tosham is located at . It has an average elevation of 207 metres (679 feet). There are Total 108 Villages where main villages are:

  • Bahal
  • Isharwal
  • Dhani Mahu
  • Harita
  • Khanak (Famous for concrete supply)(guru ravidas mandir in khanak very famous and in binging)
  • Miran


History of Tosham dates back to at least 4th century, as evident by the Sanskrit language Tosham rock inscription at Tosham hill. Tosham Hill also has a Baradari known as Prithvi Raj ki Kacheri.

Tosham was under Gupta rule in 4th Century as per the inscription, later it came under Tomars and Chauhan (Prtithvi Raj who built the Baradari) Rajput rulers, before falling into the hands of Delhi Sultanates, Mohguls and British Raj.

During 1857 revolt, Hindu officials of British Raj based at Tosham were killed by Bhatti and Ranghar Muslim Rajputs of Jamalpur and Mangali.


  • Baradary a mountain of Satavata religion. It has 12 doors of a tomb. It is an approximately 80-meter-high mountain.
  • Tosham wala Pahad - 200-meter-high mountain of Aravali range. You can see full view of near by villages and greenery all around. It has many temples in this some of them are Baba mungipa, Hanuman temple, water fall etc.
  • Newly made Late sh. Surender chaudhary Park.
  • Beautiful lake near bus stand.


As of 2001 India census,[1] Tosham had a population of 11,271. Males constitute 53% of the population and females 47%. Tosham has an average literacy rate of 64%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 72%, and female literacy is 54%. In Tosham, 14% of the population is under 6 years of age. Visit worthing places:


  • There is a HARTRON-approved Computer training centernear BUS STAND PH. 01253259000
  • There is a private college called B.L.J.S College located left side of Tosham - Bhiwani road.
  • There are many school like,Jindal Public School, Adarsh School, P.S Navyug Schools, Agarsain school, Govt. School for Boys and Girls both, and captain high school, and sangam school, and arohi govt school.
  • There are various government-aided school like, Arohi school, kasturba gandhi s

there is govt college for women.


Tosham rock inscription

Hill at Toshām showing the site of the ancient monastery and water cascade

Two interesting antiquities are to be seen in the neighbourhood of Tosham. A barahdari and another Sanskrit inscription on a rock on the face of the hill to the west of the town.[2]

The Toshām rock inscription is an epigraphic record documenting the establishment of a monastery and the building of water tanks for followers of the Sātvata religion. Found in Tosham, Haryana (India), It is not dated but can be assigned to the early fifth century CE. The inscription records the lineage and building activities of a line of Sātvata religious preceptors (ācārya) dating to the 4th and 5th centuries CE. This is an important record for the history of the Vaiṣṇava faith. The kinship and clan position of the Sātvatas is described in the article on the Yadavas.

It does not appear to have been as yet satisfactorily translated. It seems to refer to a Scythian king Tushara who appears to have conquered the Gupta Galotkacha who reigned from about A. D. 50 to A. D. 79 and is referred to in the inscription. There appears to be evidence to show that the Tosham hill was a monastery of Budhist monks or Bhikshus. The date of the inscription is said to be A. D. 162-224.[2]

Tosham Rock Paintings

In 2013, rock paintings (supposedly circa 5th century CE) at the site of Tosham rock inscription were discovered. These rock painting included several figures, such as a royal family, a saint, dinosaur, etc[3]

Tosham Temple Complex

Panch Teerth Temple

The temple is on the Tosham Hill.

Baba Mungipa Mandir

Baba Mungipa Mandir (temple) at nearby Khanak village is a very famous temple of the Tosham area.temple has great following and people visiting this temple believe that wishes will be fulfilled by the Baba. The temple is a Samadhi of Mungipa. Sodha Mungipa laid himself in the samadhi as he believed that he killed the cow during meditation.

Tourists can reach this site from the eastern side by climbing up to the Tosham hill. Moreover, tourists can see the domed structure where a large amount of food grains and oils are offered. Visitors can also explore the water pool in a cavern and a Shiva temple that lies in proximity.

Sacred Ponds of Tosham Hill

There are several holy ponds on Tosham Hill inside the caves, namely Pandu Teerth Kund, Surya Kund, Kukkar Kund, Gyarasia/Vyas Kund and a reservoir or a small tank on the summit of the hill to store rain water. Water in these kunds (ponds) in various caverns contain Sulpur which is considered sacred by the devotees and pilgrimages as it heals skin diseases.

Pandu Tirath, Tosham

There are several sacred kunds or reservoirs on the hill; one of them, the Pandu Tirath, is considered so sacred that some of the neighbouring villages deposit the ashes of their dead in it instead of taking them to the Ganges.

Surya Kund, Tosham

The Surya Kund is one of many kunds (pond) found in caverns of Tosham hill. It is considered sacred.

Kukkar Kund, Tosham

The Kukkar Kund is one of many kunds (pond) found in caverns of Tosham hill. It is considered sacred.

Gyarasia Kund, Tosham

The Gyarasia Kund (Vyas Kund) is one of many kunds (pond) found in caverns of Tosham hill. It is considered sacred.

Tosham Hill Fort

There are also remains of a fort wall in the ruined condition present on top of the Tosham hill.

Prithvi Raj Ki Katchery

Prithvi Raj Ki Katchery is a Baradari on a small hill (Tosham Hill) near Tosham town. According to the folklore it is said to be built by the 12th century Rajput king Prithviraj Chauhan whose rule had covered Tosham. He had regional setup administration at Asigarh Fort (present day Hansi). The Baradari has 12 doors, 3 on each sides. According to the folklore, it is where Rajput king Prithviraj Chauhan use to preside over the court proceedings to pass judgement.

Ch. Surender Singh Memorial Herbal Park, Tosham

Ch. Surender Singh Memorial Herbal Park, Tosham is a herbal park set up to preserve and propagate the endangered herbs. It also aims to educate people and farmers in commercial cultivation of these herbs to engage in profitable pursuits.


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